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In October I shared some of the photos I shot for Natasha MacAller’s Vanilla Table. With Christmas just around the corner and the sun beaming down, Natasha decided to share a new vanilla drink recipe suitable for a casual kiwi Christmas by the beach or at the bach. This delicious Bourbon Vanilla Milkshake works both as a dessert and as a cocktail, and is a real treat on a hot day! Natasha has a couple more Vanilla cocktails she’d like to share. These are suitable for a New Years party, so make sure to check back then! Thank you to Flotsam & Jetsam for letting us borrow the vintage Agee Jars.

Running out of ideas on what to get someone for Christmas? Why not Natasha’s fabulous book Vanilla Table for more inspiration on how to use vanilla in untraditional ways.

Recipe © by Natasha MacAller

Bourbon Vanilla Milkshake with Caramel and Cherries
Serves 4

Natasha explains: “ I have often been asked: “Why is Vanilla called Bourbon Vanilla? Is there bourbon in it?” The most widely available Vanilla in the world is often referred to as Bourbon or Madagascar Vanilla, the Bourbon refers to “ Ile Bourbon” a French ruled island in the Indian Ocean where The Vanilla Orchid was first pollinated, not by bees but, by the hand of a thoughtful and clever slave-boy: Edmond Albius. Without his discovery, the modern business of the vanilla trade might not have happened.
This easy moreish summer cocktail blends bourbon vanilla bean ice cream with aged Kentucky bourbon to make the ultimate adult milkshake!”

Bourbon (such as Makers Mark) 30 mls/1 fl oz/1 shot
Amaretto Liqueur 30 mls/1 fl oz/1 shot
Dried Cherries 30g/1 oz/ ¼  cup, rehydrated
Caramel Sauce, for drizzling
Vanilla bean Ice Cream or Gelato, 8 large scoops/400g
Whole milk 160 ml/5 fl oz/2/3 fl cup
Ice cubes 1-2 cups/50-100g

Chill 4  300 ml canning jars in the freezer. Combine Bourbon, Amaretto and cherries in a small jug and set aside. Spoon the ice cream and milk in a blender, add strained cherries (reserving a few for the top) and the liquid. Blitz on high and add ice cubes as needed to thicken. Drizzle caramel sauce down insides of frozen jars then pour the milkshake in center of jars. Sprinkle reserved cherries on top and serve with straws before it melts!

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